Our Finishes

Polished Metals can offer a superior finish that is consistent time and time again. No worries from lot to lot that your products will look different.

Below is a listing of our most popular finishes. We can produce custom finishes and in most cases we can match any samples you furnish. Call one of our experts of you don't see your required finish, or if you have any questions regarding our finishes.


Produced by heat-treating (annealing) in a controlled atmosphere furnace. It has a bright, reflective appearance, but may have some cloudiness and other imperfections.


#2B (also called mill finish)
The unpolished cold rolled material as it is obtained from the producing mill. It may sometimes exhibit a slight luster from the rolling process, but no reflectivity.

This finish is achieved by polishing on a wide belt machine using coated abrasive belts. Traditionally this is a coarser appearance as the final polishing is done with a 100-120 grit abrasive belt.

The industry standard satin finish is similar to #3 except more refined looking and a smoother appearance. After initial polishing, the final finish is achieved by polishing with 120-180 grit abrasive belt.

Similar to #4 except an even finer and smoother appearance. After initial polishing, the final finish is achieved by polishing with 240-320 grit abrasive belt.

LONG GRAIN (also called hairline)
A #6 Satin that receives additional polishing that gives the appearance that the grain runs continuously for the entire length of the product.

NON-DIRECTIONAL SATIN (also called angel hair)
a random orbital finish achieved by sanding with coated abrasive pads, with no specific direction of grain.

A highly reflective finish produced by buffing a surface which has first been finely ground, but grit lines are not removed through the final buffing process.

The industry standard for a highly reflective, mirror appearance. This is archived by directionally buffing with abrasive compounds in several stages, followed by buffing with a rouge compound. The surface produced is bright and highly reflective and is virtually free of grit lines, though at certain angles some are still visible.

#8 SUPER MIRROR (also called non-directional mirror)
A highly specialized finish produced by circular oscillating buffing, initially with abrasive compounds, followed by a rouge like compound. The surface is completely free of grit lines.



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